Nuhoğlu Yenitepe Residences

Part of the Fikirtepe to Yenitepe Urban Transformation Project in Kadıköy- İstanbul, Yenitepe is located in one of the most central locations in Kadıköy on the the Anatolian side.


Consisting of two stages, “Yenitepe Park” and “Yenitepe Street”, the project contains 1100 housing units, ranging from 67 to 318 squaremeters, over 4 blocks of 31 storeys.


The blocks were designed in triangular form with reinforced concrete framing and rigid cores of shear walls, concrete quality of BS40. Furthermore, for two specific cantilever terraces, steel framing was used.


We, as MBY, provided many different professional services for this project+


Firstly, the steel terrace projects for two locations were required of us. We prepared the design calculations as well as the shop drawings for these cantilever spots.


Also, as an essential part of the Urban Transformation regulations, the seismic performance levels of the buildings were to be assessed, due to the high seismicity risks of İstanbul.


With the data from concrete design project, concrete samples from actual RC elements, the seismic performance analysis have been completed for the A&B blocks of second phase.


Performance calculations have been done, as per Turkish Seismic Code of 2007, with non-linear analysis methods along four decisive directions. According to the results of these assessments, both buildings checked out to be complying to the required safety levels


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