Osmangazi Bridge

In 2013-2014, we had a crucial role in the construction Gulf of İzmit Transport Bridge, which is currently the 4th longest bridge in the world with its 1550 meters mid span and a total length of 2682 meters.


The bridge had 113 blocks of decks, 36 meters in width and around 230 – 400 tonnes in weight. These decks needed mobile supports, on the way to the site.


The support structures, similar to the decks they carry, were manufactured by ÇİMTAŞ Steel. The bridge contractor was IHI Infrastructure Systems and the ITOCHU Consortium.


We, as MBY, designed the load bearing support structures for the steel bridge decks and prepared the required shop drawings, in collaboration with the main contractor, ÇİMTAŞ Steel – Gemlik.

Highway Bridges,

Steel Structure,


Mobile supports,

Shop drawings,


ÇİMTAŞ, Gemlik


İzmit /Turkey


Gulf of İzmit



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