501JAC GT Enclosure Modular Packages (MHPS – United States)

In collaboration with ÇİMTAŞ, we are performing Structural Enclosure Design analysis and preparing periodic reports, consisting of, but not limited to, design, manufacture, painting, testing, inspection, packing and shipping of the GT enclosure in accordance with the contract requirements.


The job has also the following steps to taken into account, when performing the required analysis.

  • After build of modules, full stack and assembly. Prior to shipment, disassembly

  • Full installation of pipe, platforms, handrail, toe plate, ladder, structural members, doors, hatches, trolley beams, steps for each module

  • Temporary bolt up of all module interconnect pipe at flanges,

  • Validation of flange location at intercept of module and ship loose pipe for Gas Turbine (template, laser)

  • Setting of all pipe hangers, spring cans, supports to designed elevation

  • Temporary shipping supports for pipe systems

  • Installation of monuments, datum's to support reassembly at site

Structural Enclosure Design,





ÇİMTAŞ, Gemlik


United States


South Dakota



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